šRaw Cotton›

We are one of the leading trading houses in Bangladesh representing internationally reputable exporters and bridging business relationships between buyers and sellers especially for Agro Commodities.

We have a substantial share in the supply of textile raw materials mainly Raw Cotton in the Bangladesh market with an excellent reputation since 1991.We have been operating our activities for selling raw cotton with utmost honesty and dedication as a good source of supply and are supplying almost all the growths of Raw Cotton such as U.S.A., Australia, CIS (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan), West Africa (Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Mali & Ivory Coast, East Africa (Uganda & Tanzania) Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Sudan, Greek, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Brazil, Greek, Turkey, etc.

We are representing internationally reputed cotton merchants for supply of raw cotton through them as follows:

  1. Olam Global Agri Pte Ltd., Singapore – since 1998
  2. Louis Dreyfus Company Suisse SA, Switzerland – Since 2015
  3. Allenberg Cotton Co., USA (A division of Louis Dreyfus Company Cotton LLC) – Since 2015
  4. Viterra B.V., The Netherlands (Former Glencore Grain B.V.) – since 2010
  5. Mambo Commodities, France – since 1994
  6. Cottonex Anstalt, Poland –since 2000
  7. Agrocorp International Pte. Ltd., Singapore – since 2013
  8. Naseem Exports (Private) Ltd. / Adil Enterprises, Pakistan-since 2002
  9. DDPL Commodities Ltd., India – since 2005
  10. Omnicotton Inc, Australia – since 2013
  11. Gujarat Cotton Corporation, India – since 2014
  1. Basil Commodities Private Ltd., India – since 2014
  2. Manjeet Cotton Pvt. Ltd., India – Since 2015
  3. Dhancot Fibres Pvt. Ltd., India – Since 2010
  4. Axita Cotton Ltd., India – Since 2019
  5. Suvet Commodities DMCC, U.A.E. – Since 2017
  6. COFCO International India Pvt Ltd., Singapore.
  7. CDI Societe Cottonniere De Distribution S.A., Switzerland
  8. Gautam Commodities, India
  9. Glossy Impex Pvt Ltd., India
  10. Kaveri Exports, India
  11. Henan Tongzhou Cotton Trade Co. Ltd., China


01. Alhaj Karim Textiles Ltd.
02. Aman Spinning Mills Ltd.
03. Amber Cotton Mills Ltd.
04. Amber Rotor Spinning Mills Ltd.
05. ARM Trading Corporation
06. Badsha Textiles Ltd.
07. Bengal NFK Textiles Ltd.
08. B.R. Spinning Mills Ltd.
09. BSB Spinning Mills Ltd.
10. Chandra Spinning Mills Limited
11. Comilla Spinning Mills Ltd.
12. CRC Textile Mills Ltd.
13. Delta Spinners Limited 
14. Delsey Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd.
15. Enayetpur Spinning Mills Limited
16. Formula 1 Spinning Ltd.
17. Givensee Spinning Mills Limited
18. GN Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd.
19. Ideal Spinning Mills Limited
20. Isaraq Spinning Mills Ltd.
21. Jamuna Spinning Mills Ltd.
22. Jamuna Denims Ltd.
23. Jalalahmed Spinning Mills Ltd.
24. Kamal Trade International
25. Kamal Yarn Limited
26. Karim Spinning Mills Limited
27. Karnapara Spinning Mills Limited 
28. Karotoa Spinning Mills Limited
29. Markup Cot. Spin Ltd.
30. Mother Impex Enterprise
31. Mother Trading Corporation
32. Naheed Cotton Mills Ltd.
33. Nassa Spinning Ltd.
34. Nassa Taipei Spinners Ltd.
35. NZ Textile Ltd.
36. NZDY Flax Spinning Ltd.
37. M/s. Trade Concern
38. M/s. Trade Exchange
39. Nurul Islam Spinning Mills 40. Limited 
40. Otto Spinning Mills Limited
41. Outpace Spinning Mills Ltd.
42. Pacific Spinning Mills Ltd.
43. Pakiza Cotton Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.
44. Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills Ltd.
45. Paradise Spinning Mills Limited
46. Prime Composite Mills Limited
47. Prime Textile Mills Limited
48. Prime Melange Yarn Mills Ltd.
49. Purbani Rotor Spinning Ltd.
50. Roshawa Cotton Mills Ltd.
51. RAZ Textile Mills Limited
52. Reedisha Spinning Ltd.
53.  Reedisha Blended Yarn Mills Ltd.
54.  Russel Spinning Mills Limited
55.  Salma Trade International Ltd.
56.  SBS Textile Mills Ltd.
57.  Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Limited
58.  Shamsuddin Spinning Mills Limited
59.  Shameem Spinning Mills Ltd.
61.  Shameem Composite Mills Ltd.
62.  Shohagpur Textile Mills Limited
63.  Sinha Textiles Limited
64.  Sinha Rotor Spinning Ltd.
65.  SN Spinning Mills Ltd.
66.  Square Spinning Limited
67.  Square Texcom Limited
68.  Square Fashion Yarns Limited
69.  Square Textiles Limited
70.  Square Yarns Ltd.
71.  Syed Spinning & Cotton Mills Ltd
72.  Sungarh Tex Ltd.
73.  Tafrid Enterprise
74.  Tamishna Synthetic Ltd.
75.  Tara Spinning Mills Ltd.
76.  Techno Textile Mills Ltd.
77.  Thermax Textile Mills Ltd.
78.  Thermax Spinning Ltd.
79.  Thermax Melange Spinning Mills Ltd.
80.  Thermax Blended Yarn Ltd.
81.  Thermax Knit Yarn Ltd.
82.  Tamijuddin Textiles Mills Limited
83.  Tania Cotton Mills Ltd.
84.  The Delta Blended Yarn Mills Ltd.
85.  The Delta Spinning Mills Ltd.
86.  Unitex Spinning Ltd.
87.  Younus Spinning Mills Ltd.